Why is Malcolm Turnbull so afraid of the NBN review?

Whenever I see Turnbull crying about CBA, this comes to mind

Whenever I see Turnbull crying about CBA, this comes to mind

Over the past few days, since NBN Co Mike Quigley announced that he wanted the Communications Alliance to do a review on what technologies would be best suited to the NBN, Malcolm Turnbull has been decrying the move as “political chaos”, too little too late, & even a “cheap stunt”. For even a casual observer these outburst are becoming less coherent by the day.

By making such claims, Malcolm Turnbull has opened himself up to criticism by technology experts & political pundits alike. Less than a month ago Turnbull was still using his cost/benefit analysis (CBA) line to browbeat anyone who supports FTTP/H (Fibre to the Premises/Home), so this about turn on any analysis of current & possible technologies for the NBN seems like nothing more than a dummy spit.

For Turnbull to continue with this fallacy, the old shifting goalposts, shows a lack of rational thought, to the extent his is willing to be a patent hypocrite. In my interactions with Turnbull I have always found this to be true.

When I discuss how big of a failure Verizon’s FTTN has been, he points to British Telecom. When I link article after article on how British Telecom’s FTTN has been a failure, Turnbull points to Deutsche Telekom’s FTTN. When I link to articles on how Deutsche Telekom has started upgrading to FTTP/H, the churlish replies start.

These kind of actions show a that Turnbull has no desire to open debate on the NBN, but to shut it down, slow down the deployment & ignore the reality that Australia’s copper network is past its use by date.


So why is Turnbull so afraid of the review though? It’s quite simple really.

There is no way anyone with experience in the telecommunications field would accept that FTTN & HFC is acceptable for a national deployment.

They will look at the cost of delivering higher speed services via VDSL2 & come to the conclusions of every other technology expert: it’s not economically viable.

They will look at HFC & see that not only is not acceptable, but it is anticompetitive & expensive to maintain.

They will look at wireless technologies & see that in densely populated areas, this would be costly & ineffective.

The review is essentially Quigley calling Turnbull on his constant demands to be have FTTN looked at & for a CBA to be conducted. While not a CBA, which would be near impossible on such huge project that will have benefits spread across the whole of Australian society, the review is as close as we can get to knowing for sure that one option is better than the other.


Malcolm Turnbull considering serious business on his iPad. Real serious.

Malcolm Turnbull considering serious business on his iPad. Real serious.

In the lead up to this year’s election, we will see more of these fallacious lines from a the LNP, especially Turnbull. He has been charged with destroying the NBN, not because it’s a bad idea, but because Abbott’s mates say it’s a bad idea.

The “cheap stunts” from Turnbull will run thick, & he will never be satisfied, no matter how much his irrational demands are adhered to. Like a petulant child who wants to sit at the adults table, time & again Turnbull has thrown a tantrum when challenged on these crazy thought bubbles. From wireless, to VDSL, to HFC, he is unable to say what technology is best for Australia, instead relying on misinformation to support his thought bubbles.


As I stated on my piece yesterday on Australians for Honest Politics, this is not about the best technology for the job, it’s about Turnbull stifling speeds & competition for his mates.

With the ACCC releasing a report today on Australia’s communications showing that fixed line access accounted for 94% of all downloads in Australia, & said downloads having increased 51% since last year, it’s clear that any half hearted attempt to increase speeds in Australia will not meet the growing demand. When faced with these facts, anyone from any party can see that FTTN & HFC, both end of life technologies, won’t cut it.

I make no apologies for the way I see Turnbull, he’s had his chance to use facts, figures & data to back up his rhetoric, but all he’s done in the last few years is dog whistle, use false examples, & rely on his own hypocrisy to support his mates’ plan to destroy the NBN.

It’s high time for journalists to pursue Turnbull on the hypocrisy, lies, & attempts to shut down debate on the NBN. Without scrutiny of Turnbull’s rhetoric, & if the LNP do win the next election, we may end up with a network that will need upgrading before it’s even finished.

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  • http://www.polanimal.com.au Political Animal (@PolAnimalAus)

    Durn tooting.

    Malcolm has been running around saying â??We will give you something nearly as good as the NBN and we will get it to you sooner and it will be cheaper.â? Yet he never has any facts and figures, in his meetings around the country he is told by several there that the copper is in poor state.

    So, if Tone is elected PM later this yearâ??no more NBN!