Tin Foil Hats & Tree Changers

These people should not be allowed to ruin the NBN.

These people should not be allowed to ruin the NBN.

Recently there has been a massive influx of articles relating to the “negative health impacts” of NBN towers in rural areas. Every one I read gives no details, studies, or any coherent arguments as to why this is a concern.

Generally there is a low number (<1% of the council’s population) of people objecting to the towers, yet they are not only being heard without challenge, they are actually winning out over scientists, engineers, & standards bodies. Councils are accepting the rejections as based on fact, rather than as the tin foil hattery that it is.

These groups are usually lead by tree changers that have moved from wireless saturated landscapes to rural areas, bringing with them their idiotic conspiracies & theories on how EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) works.

Looking into the amount of radiation an NBN tower emits at ground level, there are a number of reasons not to be worried at all.

Firstly, EMR from 4G towers is non-ionising radiation. This kind of radiation does not have the same health risks as ionising radiation, the kind found in fissile material, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. There it is not possible for non-ionising radiation to have mutagenic effects, it just doesn’t happen.

The most EMR can do is cause mollecules in the body to heat up, not unlike how your microwave works. However the power required to do this is far beyond that of a 4G tower.

At ground level, a 40m high NBN fixed wireless (4G) tower will emit 0.04 µW/m², 1/25,000 below the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) public exposure limit. With this in mind, here’s some far greater exposures that these people are living with every day:

  • A microwave oven’s limit for EMR leakage is 5 mW/cm² at 5cm or 5 000 000 µW/m².
  • Standing under the power line out the front of their house gives 239 W/m² or 239 000 000 µW/m².
  • Standing in their bathroom is the same as standing under a power line.
  • The average wireless network, standing directly under the access point gives 315 146 µW/m².
  • The average surface radiation from the sun (yes, the sun) is 1000 W/m² or 1 000 000 000 µW/m².

So before we let this idiots (yes, they are idiots, it took me 20 minutes to find this data) blog on their computers giving higher radiation levels than the tower they are opposing ruin it for the rest of us, participate in your community forums, inform council members that there are websites (ARPANSA is a good start), scientists, & engineers who have all the information they need to make the right choice for the community.

This is not about opposing the NBN for health concerns, it’s a mishmash of LNP alligned tree changers wanting to spoil the NBN for the rest of the community, & those who are so uninformed they will eat up any dire news they can. With these “concerns” being fuelled by a media so complacent they won’t challenge this kind of stupidity, there is little hope of stemming the tide of less than 1% of a community objecting (& winning) to NBN fixed wireless towers.

On a lighter note, University of California – Berkeley have done research into Tin Foil Hats (Helmets). It doesn’t look good for tin foil hat wearers, if anything it exacerbates the small amount of radiation you would receive from a 4G tower.

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