Peter’s Pharisaical Petition

Peter Dutton, looking as smart as always.

Peter Dutton, looking as smart as always.

A follower of mine on twitter, @Monsta_AU, informed me that Peter Dutton (@Peter_Dutton), Member for Dickson, has started demanding Brendale and Strathpine receive the NBN as soon as possible. This is at odds with a post on his own website denouncing the NBN. In the post, no doubt drafted by Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm), Turnbull is quoted as saying “There is no evidence whatsoever that the massive increase in speeds delivered by fibre-the-home will deliver any extra value or benefit to Australian households”, which is to the contrary of what has been reported on Monday.

Dutton’s state counterpart, Seath Holswich (@SeathHolswichMP – an idle account), claims that “he had met business owners who had to pay $15,000 to have a fibre run down their street. They are also paying $1000 a month in line rental”. Which goes to the contrary of the LNP’s original plan to let private enterprise look after Australia’s communications. Since then, Turnbull has changed tack & agreed, without details, to FTTN rollouts giving 80mbps to 90% of FTTN users. Whatever that means.

This is becoming rather concerning as LNP MPs (@AndrewLamingMP being another notable opponent demanding early NBN rollout) are demanding they receive the NBN before other electorates while simultaneously trashing the network & planning to stop the rollout. To me, this reeks of hypocrisy & shows the level of corruption within the LNP.

There is no excuse for claiming the NBN is a waste of money while demanding it be deployed in their electorates. If anything, it shows the contempt for the 50%+ of Australians who voted non-LNP candidates in at the last election. With no morals & no conscience, the LNP has moved forward with dog whistle politics & unethical tactics to ensure their electorates have NBN deployed while ALP, Greens & Independents are to be left waiting for the biggest project Australia has ever seen.

If the LNP do win the next election, you can bet they will continue the NBN rollout in marginal seats, cancel it in safe ALP/Independent seats, & claim that it’s all the previous government’s fault.

It sickens me to think that Dutton & his ilk are voted in repeatedly by people who think they are doing the best for Australia, yet the reality is all they are doing is ensuring they keep their seat while hobbling the rest of the nation.

With news that Anittel are to deploy a datacentre in Toowoomba due to the NBN, & Sir Tim Berners-Lee praising the NBN as a “brilliant foundation” & “wonderful commitment to getting everyone connected”, Turnbull’s stance on cancelling the NBN is looking shakier by the day. Without any details on what the LNP will deploy, we can only assume that they not only have no plan, but intend to cancel the NBN only in electorates that they see as inconsequential.

With opinion pieces popping up denouncing the NBN, written by tech illiterates, & the tin foil hat brigade claiming NBN mobile towers (but not Telstra, Optus, etc) are going to give them brain cancer, it’s clear there’s a concerted media campaign to smear the network & take it off the election campaign trail. The main reason for this is that the LNP know this will be an electoral keystone, especially since private companies are welcoming the NBN with open arms & committing billions of dollars to the network.

LNP MPs have built no credible case as to why their electorates should receive the NBN prior to others, if anything, their denouncing of the NBN should preclude them from early deployment. When election time comes, all non-LNP MPs should remind Australia who prevented them from having access to high speed broadband.

I’ll conclude with this: anyone so selfish & so emotionally unstable to resent not forming government to the extent as to denounce the biggest infrastructure investment in Australia’s history, yet demand access to said infrastructure, has no right to be in any position of power, let alone form government.

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  • Joel Dickins (@Monsta_AU)

    Thanks for the shoutout. I simply cannot believe the hipocracy of this man and the rest of the LNP technological illiterate.

    Goes to show that they are all worried about the NBN, their constituents want it yet their Dear Leader says it isn’t needed, it’s Labor waste of tax money, and he is no Bill Gates.

    Well Duh!

    Most Australians want a positive plan for this country, not someone who says that everything has turned to shite. We are the lucky country, the clever country and the best country to live on earth. Many thousands of illegal immigrants agree.

  • Joel

    No principles. No guts. Not willing to back their own political beliefs.

  • Rohan

    Don’t worry. Hockey and his iPad will find Eleventy better ways to delivery broadband to Australia.

  • Gavin Fielke (@GavinFielke)

    I think you may be correct in assuming the document outlining his original objections to FTTH may have been produced by the party rather than the member.
    I know I would be trying to push to the front of the line if my party had a policy I privately objected to and I thought we may get into power by the end of the year. The main reason being that the party has said it would uphold all contracts already in place so if there are contracts for the installation it will go ahead and you would come out looking like you are doing the right thin g for your community in the face of extreme adversity.
    The LNP must have an excuse for a change of policy already drafted so that they aren’t the politicians that killed the internet. Something that could be released after the election but also prior if it looks like it will be lost on the strength of the NBN.

    • Joel

      I’ll say it again: No principles. No guts. Not willing to back their own political beliefs.