A Geek Is A Badge Of Honour Now, Is It?

Just a bit of a gloat post, I was mentioned last Friday (30/05/13) in Senate Estimates by Senator Conroy. Quite chuffed that I’ve been mentioned in parliament.

parlinfo.aph.govI do like Senator Cameron’s (Chair) comment in there. Yes Doug, being a geek is a badge of honour!


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  • Doc

    Nice work Sortius! Great to see Nick backed too. A few Whirlpool users playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with trolls sprouting FTTH FUD got a mention too. When Conroy said some of their usernames, the chair replied:
    “CHAIR: Are you still speaking English?” haha.

  • Bighead1883

    Don`t stop with the truth sortius,because the Liberals will not stop with their lies.What gets me the most in all this is the backflip because of No No Blabbit.First as you proved it was an LNP FTTH and Labor had the #Fraudband,now it`s all in reverse and those stupid enough not to see it are totally Murdoch washed.I can`t sat brainwashed,because you have to have one for that to happen.